Welcome to my photo blog.
Photography has always been a great passion of mine and, as far as I remember, I have always been taking pictures of everything and everybody around me. I had been thinking of posting my photos on-line for some time, and finally I made my decision and created this blog: I would like to invite you to join me during my search to collect impressions of life around us.

I want to share my shots as I take new ones, as well as while browsing pictures from the last thirty years... No, I am not that old... Let's say I started photography when I was very young. Hopefully this will force me to try and put my archives in order, to select and edit all the photos shot so far, including painful scanning of prints and slides... It's high time I started that! A lot of work lies ahead: Since the advent of digital, the quantity of my shots has increased drastically. Considering that I can easily take up to a couple of thousands of shots a day, during an event or a prolific photo session, you do the math! I particularly like to express myself with nature photography and landscapes, but I also enjoy shooting events of different kinds, portraits, and any subjects that can inspire me.

I hope that the need to update my photo blog will push me to improve my photography and try to get to the next level, while I continue my journey searching impressions of life around me. I hope you'll enjoy and be inspired.

Guido Frazzini